Reserving a Room

Reserving a room in the Smithgall Student Services Building is easy! Please read the specifications below, then complete your information and reserve your room. Note, 203 is for Georgia Tech staff only.

Charles A. Smithgall Student Services Building
Suite 204
353 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0285
Phone 404.385.0430
FAX 404.385.6679

Room 117

  • Room seats 140 guests.
  • Available to both off-campus and on-campus groups.
  • On-campus groups charging a fee to participants will be charged the same rate as off-campus non-profit groups.
Off-campus Groups 1-4 hours $300 4-8 hours $500
On-campus Groups 1-4 hours $150 4-8 hours $300

Custodial services are required for weekend functions and functions after normal custodial hours during the weekday. The rate is $28.36 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours.

AV Equipment

  • LCD Projector $100 per day
  • Microphones are available upon request.

Approved Caterers

  • Ray's/Cedars 404.888.9911
  • Marriot (on-campus) 404.894.2820
  • Georgia Tech Student Center
  • Chuck's Famous 404.249.7733

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