Supporting the Student

The Division of Student Affairs at Georgia Tech has a rich and strong history of providing the student support services and co-curricular learning opportunities that help our diverse student community acquire and apply life-learning skills. The college years are pivotal and formative: much of what students learn is garnered outside of the classroom and is equally important in preparing them for success after graduation. As students transition through their academic career at Tech, we encourage them to engage in the variety of support services available, not only to help make them successful at Tech, but also to gain a well-rounded, fulfilling learning experience.

The Division of Student Affairs at Georgia Tech consists of an array of comprehensive student support departments that strive to promote the intellectual, social and emotional growth of our students. Our primary focus is to engage students throughout their college career in programs which promote:

  • Student Leadership – The complementary programs and services of Student Affairs work together to promote student leadership development, supporting current students and educating the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Healthy Lifestyles – At Tech, we believe that a strong body supports a strong mind. We provide programs and facilities that promote a healthy lifestyle and contribute to the overall well-being and success of our students.
  • Student Transition and Success – We are proud of our programs that help students at all levels adjust to the demands of college while preparing them for a lifetime of learning.
  • Cultural Awareness and Educational Growth – As we prepare students to succeed in a global environment, we must encourage cultural awareness for the benefit of the students’ holistic educational experience.

We encourage students, parents, staff and faculty to visit our departments listed below and explore all the enriching programs and opportunities available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 404.385.8772 if you have questions and need additional information.


Departments in the Division of Student Affairs

Office of the Arts

Counseling Center

Office of the Dean of Students

Disability Services

Greek Affairs

Leadership & Civic Engagement

LGBTQIA Resource Center

New Student & Sophomore Programs

Student Diversity Programs

Student Integrity

Student Media

Veterans Resource Center

Women’s Resource Center

Office of Leadership Education and Development (LEAD)

Parents Program

Office of Research and Assessment for Student Affairs

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