Award of Excellence

Since May 2001, the Division of Student Affairs has recognized dedicated staff members who have distinguished themselves in the performance of their duties. The criteria for this award are flexible, however the nominee should demonstrate the following in performing his/her job: initiative, professionalism, exemplary customer service, collaboration, promotion of community, dedication, innovation, & effectiveness.

Past recipients include:

David Knobbe and Matt Marcus

Melanie DeMaeyer

Stephanie Knight

Mahlet Endale

Nadine Robinson

Colleen Riggle

Amy Stalzer
Fall 2007

Danielle McDonald
Spring 2007

Scott Riggle & Merideth Ray
Fall 2006

Rome Lester
Spring 2006

Chrissy Sherstad
Fall 2005

Nancy Romero
Spring 2005

Buck Cooke & Will Marble
Fall 2004

Rose Mary Wells
Spring 2004

Julia Whitfield
Fall 2003

Yvette Upton
Spring 2003

Tori Wallingford
Fall 2002

Cindy Jordin
Spring 2002

Shirley Watt
Fall 2001

Jonathan Swaby
Spring 2001

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